Beneath the ROSH


In present-day Australia, like many other countries, children must be at risk of significant harm (ROSH) to get a response from child protection. If a child meets ROSH, they will get a protective response. If a child does not reach ROSH, they won’t.

Paige is a typical young girl living with her mother, father and younger sister, Lily. Together, she and her best friend Sam are about to start high school, make friends, learn about relationships and start their journey through adolescence.

Both girls’ lives are dramatically altered and their circumstances increasingly deteriorate. Yet they remain beneath the ROSH. Paige and Sam find that they are forced to rely on their own combined resources to survive.

beneath the rosh

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What reader’s are saying…

Great read! Really promising debut novel. Lisa MacLeod not only nails her target audience but her clear understanding of the nuances and barriers in the child protection system is compelling and alarming. I suspect we are just seeing the first from this author and me for one am looking forward to her next book, be it the next chapter in Paige’s life or something new. Definitely, an author to watch.

Liz Spiller

An ordinary and unremarkable family story that transforms into something darker, griping and hard to put down. Our failures to reach out to, let alone protect vulnerable children past their earliest childhood is exposed in a way that disturbs and provokes thought long after the story ends. Congratulations to the Author for a great read that accomplishes much more that mere entertainment. Would love a follow up on Sam and Lily’s experience. Five stars from me. As a prolific reader it gets harder to find the books so hard to put down.

Kirsten Fitzgerald

What a great book! I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it is so sad thinking about how many children get lost within the system. I couldn’t stop reading it, and it has inspired me to look into foster care again. It really makes you realize how lucky you are to be able to grow up in a normal, functional family and how so many kids don’t get that chance.

Sara Fitzgerald

A great book! I enjoyed the plot and the development of the characters, especially Paige. Homelessness can often be an abstract idea to those of us who have never experienced it. This book made me realise how lucky I am, and although my circumstances are very different, I could really identify with the main character.

Jessica Garland

Well, what an amazing book. Could not put it down, finished in a day. As a retired school teacher, I came across many instances of students being referred to Child Services, with apparently nothing being done, the problems just continued. This story outlines where problems are, and how a person/family in dire straits can actually get little to no help, falls through the system. The book is so well written, it gets you involved with the characters, and actually thinking ahead to what might happen. The characters are real and you actually feel for them. I do hope there is a follow-up, second book to come: What happened to Sam? Does Paige further her relationship with Luke? Does she ever find Lily? Does Joel get what he deserves? Paiges’ mum, how does she fare? Many more questions?? Come on Lisa, another book, please.

Graeme Anderson

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