In contemporary Australia, children must be at risk of significant harm (ROSH) to get a response from child protection. If a child meets ROSH, they will get a protective reaction. If a child does not, they won’t.

Paige is a young girl living happily with her family. She and her best friend Sam are about to start high school, make friends, learn about relationships and begin their journeys through adolescence.

Circumstances change, however, and Paige finds herself plagued within an increasingly deteriorating family situation, but beneath the ROSH. The friends find themselves homeless, relying on their combined resources and immature skills to survive.

Best Selling Author

Lisa MacLeod

Lisa MacLeod was born in Canada though has spent most of her life in Australia, where her family migrated to in her early years. Since graduating, she has primarily worked in welfare in a variety of capacities, most recently with homeless and at-risk youth. She has written journal articles but “Beneath the ROSH” is her first novel.


I felt like pinching myself. It was my very first university lecture, and I was sitting in
Social Work 101.

– From ‘Beneath The ROSH’

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